Sunday, July 24, 2016

Future Papua New Guineans Will Pay For O’Neill Reckless Borrowing


They get less money at more cost and this is what Peter O'Neill is doing right now. He's not mortgaging PNG's wealth, he will be destroying it.

China is a massive sea of humanity, 1.35 billion out of the total world population of 7.4 billion. Much of China's land is desert. There is a massive concentration of population along the coasts and fertile river valleys. As the population has continued to grow, land has become more short, and people struggle just to grow enough food to eat. The massive rural impoverishment has caused a spillover into urban areas. People are packed like tinned mackerel in many of the cities. They have virtually no living space and certainly will never own any land. They will never own their accommodation in most cases, unless it is a tiny little apartment where an entire family is packed. Think of how you would feel if you were forced to live under such conditions and your whole life's prospects were to continue living like a tinned fish until you die.

This situation is what creates the massive spillover effect these days of Chinese onto the rest of the world. Chinese desperately need massive amounts of natural resources as well. It has a terrible track record for environmental protection. The Chinese government, through its many resource extraction business arms, rubbish the land into what can only be called deserts. The impact can be seen everywhere, the effects of the land is intense, and one can only imagine the level of destruction that will occur when the "Chinese way" of mining, logging, doing large scale agriculture and the like is transferred over to Papua New Guinea with its steep slopes, high rainfall, and unstable, earthquake, volcano and rain punished ground. Chinese concern for workers safety is close to nonexistent in mining operations. Whenever you see people all around you like ants gathered around dropped food, it is hard to treasure an individual life compared to when you live in a low population density

Monday, April 18, 2016

PNG Police Commissioner Gary Baki closes fraud office

The police commissioner has announced to media that he has directed for a temporary closure of the fraud office.

Commissioner Gari Baki says that he has taken the stance to regain command and control of the police force.

He says the decision today by the courts to reinstate Matthew Damaru sets a bad precedence that if any officer is aggrieved by a decision that is made by any commanding officer, he or she can run to the court and stay the decision of the suspension even if the officer has committed a criminal offence.

Baki says this matter is purely administrative and should have been handled as an internal matter within the organisation.

PNG Corruption Investigation leader Mr Damaru reinstated by the Courts

By Christine KILDI (Legend FM News)

The Waigani National Court in Port Moresby stayed the suspension of Fraud and Anti-corruption Director Mr Matthew Damaru today, upon an urgent court application by his lawyer and Queens Council Mr Greg Egan.

The urgent court application which was filed yesterday surrounding the risk of fraud files being tampered with while Mr Damaru was on suspension. Mr Egan when presenting the submission added that Mr Damaru has been spear heading the investigations into the K71.8m Paul Paraka Saga and other corruptive activities in the country; therefore it is a matter of urgency and paramount interest that Mr Damaru resumes his office immediately.

Meanwhile lawyers representing the police commissioner and the state requested for more time to look into the submissions made by Damaru’s lawyers as they claimed, they did not receive the submissions and needed ample time to make their submissions. However, Justice Allen David saw the urgency in allowing Damaru to resume his office for the sake and safe keeping of the fraud files.

The court also restrained the police force from threatening any of the fraud squad members and not to interfere with investigations.

PNG's Anti-Corruption Fraud Squad Director Mr Mathew Damaru and his Deputy Thimothy Gitua plus 4 other officers spear-heading the investigation into huge sums of money missing through bogus and corrupt deals have been suspended the Police Commissioner.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


This morning the Supreme Court three man bench (3 judges) handed down a unanimous (all in agreement) ruling dismissing Appeal proceedings SC87 of 2014 filed by Minister of Finance James Marape.

Marape filed the SC87 Appeal challenging an earlier ruling of the National Court that refused the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and Marape's application (request) preventing Police from arresting them in relation to the illegal payments of K71.8 million to Paraka Lawyers.
So what does it all actually mean?

In short, the Supreme Court in the course of the above proceedings issued an interim stay (temporary stop order) preventing Police from arresting Marape and O'Neill including his lawyers and staff until it made a final ruling.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled against them dismissing the case it means the interim stay order issued in those proceedings have also been discharged (no longer in force).
So can the Prime Minister or Marape file further proceedings?
No. Once an appeal has been determined by a three man bench or more of Supreme Court it is final. They may file a slip rule application but it would serve no effect. However further appeal proceedings are no longer available to them.

PNG Supreme Court judge Sir Bernard Sakora with judicial corruption by police


Anti-corruption police in Papua New Guinea arrest one of the country's top judges and charge him with judicial corruption.

Bernard Sakora being brought into Boroko Police Station in Port Moresby. (Credit: ABC)

Anti-corruption police in Papua New Guinea have arrested one of the country's top judges and charged him with judicial corruption. 

Police said Supreme Court judge Bernard Sakora accepted a 100,000 kina ($45,000) payment in 2009 from a company linked to Paul Paraka Lawyers, a law firm accused of defrauding the PNG Government of millions of dollars via inflated legal bills. 

The director of PNG's National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate, Matthew Damaru, said his officers came across the payment while investigating the complex and long-running case. "The arrest is a result of ongoing investigations to the payment of legal bills to Paul Paraka Lawyers where this payment to the judge was discovered and the investigation conducted into the payment made," he said. "He [Bernard Sakora] denied receiving the money." 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Papua New Guinea Government Borrows Over Half a Billion Kina to Stay Afloat

Bryan Kramer
THE VOICE Of PNG, Facebook
(March 01 at 1:25)

O'Neill Government borrowed a further K654 million in the last two weeks to stay afloat. The funds were raised through auctioning of Government Treasury Bills by the Central Bank. K198 million was raised on 17 February 2016 to meet the public servants pay run for payroll 5 and K455 million was raised just last Wednesday's (26/2/16) to ensure this payroll is met.

Central Bank website defines Treasury Bills as a financial debt instrument issued by the Central Bank on behalf of the Government to raise funds in order to finance budget deficits. A budget deficit is when Government expenditure is higher than revenue (spending more than it earns).

PNG a Sinking Titanic

Like the Titanic, a British passenger liner sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage, Papua New Guinea is sinking slowly in the great Pacific Ocean…The Roses will remind the nations of the world of this sinking nation as tales and stories in many years to come. Whether you believe it or NOT it’s happening already.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Untimely passing of Waimin Nathaniel Molan Dian-In Loving Memory

By Steve Langa
Facebook, 31/01/2015

Late Nathaniel (Middle)
Lately heard of the untimely accident that took the life of one of my dear brothers, Waimin Nathaniel Molan Dian. Brother you left too soon and how my heart cries out for you all day today!

Brother you took with you your sincere smiles, unique vocal, an analytical mind, and most of all your admirable personality that captivates peer attention!

You truly were one of a kind to us who know you. You were designed special and at the minimum level (you) demonstrated (what you were made for) it to be desired for and talked about it whether for good or bad. Despite critics, you played a leadership among your peers even though you were never the type that influenced mass. But you definitely had a relentless mind to do what you do best - to put that smile on us when it mattered.

Seemed to seeing no aging by time and hence appearing to be still in your late 20s caused me to think we would continue to live on until the sudden encounter. Among the many other brothers/cousins and uncles I met (during my short visit lo ples), your typical personality quietly triggered old memories which speaks of the kind of personality you are!

Hela Governor Anderson Agiru ousted in

By Ramcy Wama
Post Courier, December 23,2015, 01:13 am 

Ousted Governor Anderson Agiru
Hela Provincial Assembly Members remove Governor Anderson Agiru

'No-one will remove me, only God will remove me'

THE Hela Provincial Assembly members have removed pioneer Governor Anderson Agiru in a vote of no-confidence at the provincial assembly meeting yesterday.

However, Governor Agiru also sought a court order blocking the move claiming that "no-one will remove me, only God will remove me". Justice Derek Hartshorn granted the orders stopping the defendants from meeting yesterday or at any later date until further orders from the court.

The matter returns on January 5 for inter parte hearing as to whether the urgent relief granted should continue. Mr Agiru’s removal was through a special provincial assembly members’ meeting that was chaired by deputy governor and Komo local level government president Thomas Potape.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

WALKING THE TALK -A New Year Message to Team Talita

By Sandy Talita
Festive greetings & Happy New Year, Team Talita.

Sandy Talita-runner up for Enga Regional post in 2012. He is a prominent businessman hails from Lower Lai in Wapenamanda Electorate, Enga Province.
Sandy Talita
I hope this message finds you in good health. Christmas has just passed and the New Year has arrived. It’s been a while since my last official communiqué. As we begin with fresh opportunities, let’s draw inspiration to better our best, believe in our cause and carry our hopes to the finish line.

Speculations have been circulated that we withdrew our election petition case. That has been made up by actors on the other side of the political divide hoping to save their declining political image. The election petition matter is pending a decision before the Supreme Court. The court is seized of the matter and I am not at liberty to discuss; when, why, who, or what of it.

On a lighter note, did you know that today was tomorrow yesterday? How about today will be yesterday tomorrow? Look at it this way, 2016 was made in heaven while you were busy with 2015 in the same way tomorrow was preparing for another today.

Depending on how old you are, I am sure you have risen to welcome many first of Januarys. In each occasion you, like the rest of us, look forward to the future with added vigour, fresh zeal and renewed hope. Everyone will wake up tomorrow to welcome 2016. I know, some will draw resolutions. Many will stare into the abyss with uncertainty, like a new born gazes into her mother’s face for signs of love or rejection. It’s understandably harder when everything appear to run rings around our best efforts.