Saturday, January 26, 2013

Male circumcision for AIDS prevention should be prioritised in Papua New Guinea

By Joe Wasia

Like many developing countries, Papua New Guinea is greatly susceptible to HIV/AIDS. Research and studies have done by many countries but there is no cure identified for the deadly disease. Thousands of people are dying every year.
Daily newspapers, radio, television and social media report the deaths of so many people without specifying the disease. But no reports of deaths from AIDS appear in any media in PNG. But AIDS is a major cause of many deaths. Preventive measures like using of condoms, avoiding exposure to blood, being faithful to one partner, and male circumcision are tools used in many countries.

These preventive measures are recommended by the World Health Organisations and many other global institutions. In Uganda from 1991-2001, there was a great decrease (from 15% to 6%) in the prevalence of HIV as a result of effective implementation of these preventive measures.

The decrease was multiplied by a multi-sectoral approach with themes such as ‘Love Carefully’, ‘Zero Grazing’, and ‘Be faithful to your Partner’. They managed to make Uganda a paragon of success.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Papua New Guinea LNG Project at its completion stages

By Joe Wasia

Papua New Guinea is one of the few countries in the world that has huge deposits of petroleum and mineral resource such as gold, copper, nickel, cobalt, Zinc, natural oil and gas across its culturally diverse land. For decades many mining companies have been developing mining projects in the country. However, oil and gas industry was just touched by PNG's owned Oil Search Ltd when it developed Kutubu Oil which now exists for almost 21 years.
Much talked PNG LNG project in new Hela Province is the second oil and gas project in the country operated by Exxon Mobil a United State owned company in co-venture with Oil Search limited.
We have few other oil and gas projects coming up and they are Gulf LNG which will be developed by Inter oil and PNG government (50-50) and the Western LNG by Talisman Energy and few others.

The PNG LNG Project is operated by:
ESSO Highlands Limited (33.2%)
Øa subsidiary of EXXON Mobil Corporation
in Co-Venture with
qOil Search (29%)

Divine Word University Enga Students being denied their privelege

By President Enga Students Association 2011

Enga students of Divine Word University who are on scholarships would like to raise concerns with the Office of Higher Education regarding the cancellation of plane tickets.
Enga is a province located at the end of the Highlands Highway that starts in the Morobe and Madang Provinces. There are many car accidents and hold-ups while traveling the pothole-filled highlands highway especially in the late and early hours.

Several Enga students have lost their belongings to rascals in Mt Hagen when buses drop them there in the early hours of the morning. Some of the incidents have been reported in daily newspapers and radio. There is no safety in Mt Hagen as rascal activities are escalating.
 It was a privilege for us to travel by plane from Madang to Moresby to Hagen and catch a bus from Hagen to travel safely to Wabag. However, we learn that our return tickets have been cancelled this year. And we
all Enga students are dissatisfied with this decision. We raised our concerns with University administration but they said the Office of Higher Education had decided to cancel the tickets of the Enga scholarship students.