Friday, February 15, 2019

Wewak Airport Redevelopment Launched - PM Thanks ADB for support

Peoples National Congress

The Prime Minister has officially launched a critical infrastructure development for East Sepik Province in Wewak today with the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the runway extension, new terminal building and associated works at the Wewak Airport.
In his remarks, PM O’Neill highlighted the vital importance of air travel in Papua New Guinea.
“Highly functional airports are essential in our country for us to truly advance,” the Prime Minister said.
“It is more important than ever that we link our provinces so that people and goods can move.
“This is important for healthcare, for education and for moving perishable goods to

Who will we blame for misuse of funds?


Senseless leaders and bureaucrats have abused the rights of the 7 million plus people to development benefits and better services.

AUS Aid and all other development funds for this country are not being well utilized and are misused. But I wonder who actually mismanage and fraud all the funds. Who can we blame for all the corrupt practice?

I believe there are four groups of people responsible for the socio-economic problems in the country and not only the government.

First, the members of parliament should make the right decisions in the best interests of the people. Our MPs should channel funds into the appropriate projects and appoint the right people on merit than beneficiaries to account for all the consequences.

Our leaders shouldn’t entertain their relatives or political allies to run the show. They should understand that they need to uphold the peoples’ interests at all costs.

Corruption is not far in office where you have your friends working beside and unfortunately we have adopted this concept and has become systematic in all levels of our government systems.
The public service machinery is the most important department of the government but has lost focus.
They have failed the government in implement their roles to achieve the government goals and objectives. The public service machinery should identify the priorities of the people and bring tangible and socio-economic development to the rural places.

The bureaucrats and the public services in control of development funds are not transparent in diverting funds into the areas where it is needed.

The consultants and advisors especially Australians are dominating our government system, education, health and policy development. I think our own experts can do a better job.



In recent days I've noticed there has been much discussion on social media comparing the leadership style between myself and Governor of East Sepik Allan Bird in relation to the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's visit to our Provinces.

While some have tried to explain it in the context of Melanesian versus Western style leadership, what most don't realize is that both have a lot more in common than they think.

Anthropologist (people who study various aspects of humans within past and present societies) describe Melanesian Hausman as very important institutions where cultural values and norms were taught by elders to sustain the Melanesian people over the decades and centuries.

They emphasis that Hausman are bases of governance, politics, culture, law and order, education, and address political, social and cultural issues of the society.

Hausman are chaired by chiefs and headmen who maintained social order, and law and

Congratulations Dr Samson Amean On Your Reappointment As Enga Provincial Administrator


Congratulations Dr Samson Amean for your reappointment as head of the Enga provincial public service.
The renewal of your contract for another term of four years is truly a milestone achievement for the province as you became the country’s (first) longest serving provincial administrator. 
We all should be proud of this. I also treat the appointment as a vote of trust and confidence by the top level Government of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his Cabinet in your record leadership in stewarding service delivery including project development, all towards nation building.

Not only that, your no nonsense management knack on upholding the public (administrative) system including staff and general procurement (of public resources) would also be the shinning factors that contributed to attracting Government’ attention.

Otherwise, as a member of the provincial public service (in the capacity as head of a school), I will be looking forward to working closely with you to ensure that our province sees another term of four successful years of service delivery including stability that our provincial political leadership under Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas requires very much to move our province to another level.

With that I wish you and your family a joyous Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019..

Despite Governor Ipatas’ Quality Education Campaign In 2017-The 2018 Results Take A Nose Dive.


Thank you Mr Education Minister & his secretary for weeding out corruption n politics in the Education Department in Papua New Guinea.
Many provinces in the country thrived on corrupt schemes in collaboration with senior officers in your department by;
1) Providing exam answer sheets
2) Collaboration on biased selection by higher institutions despite low GPAs
3) Biased ranking of Secondary Schools n not on merit n performance.
4) Misuse n mis application of Enga Subsidy n used the uneven distribution as a political tool to solicit favors n garner political support. Enga was no exception, perhaps it was first.

Since the introduction of the online selections, the true colors of Engas much publicized Education showed up in the 1st year of introduction. Most of us are amused on its turn around results. It's fitting to say; time to identify sheep from goat has finally arrived

What Others Think of Enga Province


“I have come to the breath-taking conclusion that public sector organization require change in its structure, design and directing in order to appropriately respond to the pressures and demands of our game plan. 

To successfully embark on the above, ownership and support of the government is a precondition. Enga’s thrust forward is to have a healthy and literate population that is self-sustaining by 2050” - Provincial Administrator, Dr Samson Amean.

“If there is any province that deserves to be praised for implementing important government programs toward the realization of Vision 2050, Enga Province will surely have my vote of trust and confidence.” – National Planning Minister, Charles Abel during the launching of electricity into Tsak Valley.

“Credit must go to Sir Peter Ipatas for coming up with a landmark decision to turn a

The 38 Hectare Farm Land gets ploughed by a new Tractor - Yogos Farm Tsak Valley


The 38 Hectare Farm land at Yogos in Tsak Valley Wapenamanda District, Enga Province of Papua New Guinea is now a agricultural hub.

The farm land is being ploughed by a new Tractor to prepare the land to grow Potatoes, strawberries and bulb onions. This is a project that is run by the Israeli Agro Industry in partnership with the Enga Provincial Government as per the EPG vision on SME.

Mr Den Lev, a Farmer and also a specialist in farm machinaries introduced the basic skills to the Tractor operator to start the farm work. There will be two tractors used at the farm to cultivate the land. Mr Dan left for Mt Hagen to pick up the other Tractor. He told the locals to assist where necessary for the Tractor to do its work.

The locals in Tsak Valley will be supplied with seedlings to farm their own potatoes, strawberries and bulb onions in two months time. The first lot of seedlings were supplied to some locals last week. Any potential farmers in the valley is expected to have

Reply to commentary on the K10m DSIP for Wapenamanda for 2018


Every individual is entitled to his or her own views and opinions per premiable of the constitution of Papua New Guinea. I thank Facebook as one of the social media platforms for providing the avenue for individuals with concerns as this to air without fear or intimidation. I think in the long run many public figers will be put under microscopic lens.

To the subject, we all know Hon Rimbink Pato was tied up in the organising of one of the very very important and an historical event, the APEC Summit 2018, last month as a Foreign Affairs Minister, hence he had no time to be with us in the district delivering projects as many of us have expected. He had even sleepless nights here and abroad. It was indeed a huge challenge and an experience gain for Mr Pato and the O'Niel Govt. I take my hat off to this government for a well organised APEC Summit 2018.

No More Delays In Court Cases: Says PNG Chief Justice


The proverb “Justice delayed is justice denied”, an old but a partial truth reflecting the darker areas of the judicial system will be the first task of Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

In an exclusive interview with the Post-Courier yesterday, Sir Gibbs said he has gone through all outstanding judgments by all judges and he will be privately speaking to the judges to ensure that all delayed judgments are completed and delivered.

“It’s a challenge to the judiciary for us to deliver justice services to our people in a timely manner.”

“Some of our judges have reserved decisions which have been outstanding for quite a long time and I’m already doing that, I’m beginning to see which judges have that long reserved list and I have plans for that and that is for these judges to be taken off the normal day to day work and for them to concentrate on finishing their long outstanding reserved decisions,” Justice Salika said.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Call for sacking of school principals in Enga Province after fall in the Gr10 and Gr12 National Examinations

By Tony Sulupin

In light of disappointing selection results produced by Gr 12 students in Enga's 6 secondary schools, aggressive actions must be taken against the principals who had displayed incompetency in executing duties.

Its a sole duty of principal in consultation with his/her 2x deputies to ensure adequate learning is taking place. The competency and consistency of teaching staff is assessed on regular basis so that students don't miss out anything they deserve for learning.

The principals may have failed in their duties that students were not provided with conducive study environment in terms of food rations, behavior control, learning materials and of course quality/experienced teachers.