Thursday, January 7, 2016

Accused of Witchcraft in Enga

By Luke Larry Puu
President Holy Spirit Movement Ministries Inc

To people of Enga:

Let me remind you, the natural cultures of God's chosen people Israel are 75% practiced by all the engan tribes. Because you speak the same language made possible for almost everything the same.

When the Word of God came into the shores of PNG and went into enga, The word of God was not foreign to them and enga found it not strange to adopt it, in fact enga rejoiced over it because enga has been living the live already and God's word auto...matically just fit in and there was no big deal about the issues of enga claiming the God of Israel as their God. 

Therefore God is with them in enga active and alive revealing to them with signs and wonders, and accompanied by healing and delivering, miracles are happening right here at our door steps. The point here is, we are serving a God who is Much Much bigger than any situation, circumstance, power, principalities, devil, demon,witchcraft, dead or life can prevent His demonstration of power. Engans, God is here just to do that awaiting your availability to rescue you from these bondages.

Why not take this type of people to a church that can pray over and cast this demon out in matter of minutes rather than doing this disgusting nuisance against an innocent mother of Enga. Its the demon in the flesh and its not her, for your information. "Those of you who are involved in pulling her legs apart and the guy that pushes the edge of a grass knife in her private part, would you do that to your own sister and your mother? Shame on you!!!.. 

We have man of God praying and delivering people with such bondage, call pastor Luke on 71088560/79170799. Jesus came for this very reason, to save those that were lost. And He's here doing just that.

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