Thursday, January 7, 2016

WALKING THE TALK -A New Year Message to Team Talita

By Sandy Talita
Festive greetings & Happy New Year, Team Talita.

Sandy Talita-runner up for Enga Regional post in 2012. He is a prominent businessman hails from Lower Lai in Wapenamanda Electorate, Enga Province.
Sandy Talita
I hope this message finds you in good health. Christmas has just passed and the New Year has arrived. It’s been a while since my last official communiqué. As we begin with fresh opportunities, let’s draw inspiration to better our best, believe in our cause and carry our hopes to the finish line.

Speculations have been circulated that we withdrew our election petition case. That has been made up by actors on the other side of the political divide hoping to save their declining political image. The election petition matter is pending a decision before the Supreme Court. The court is seized of the matter and I am not at liberty to discuss; when, why, who, or what of it.

On a lighter note, did you know that today was tomorrow yesterday? How about today will be yesterday tomorrow? Look at it this way, 2016 was made in heaven while you were busy with 2015 in the same way tomorrow was preparing for another today.

Depending on how old you are, I am sure you have risen to welcome many first of Januarys. In each occasion you, like the rest of us, look forward to the future with added vigour, fresh zeal and renewed hope. Everyone will wake up tomorrow to welcome 2016. I know, some will draw resolutions. Many will stare into the abyss with uncertainty, like a new born gazes into her mother’s face for signs of love or rejection. It’s understandably harder when everything appear to run rings around our best efforts.

The uncertainty we face as a nation today are brought upon us by the people who are mandated to run our collective affairs. When people mandated to run systems turn into monsters, those systems are clogged with incompetence. The purity of those entities are defiled by greed. Yet they display a façade of bureaucratic ‘nobility’. But behind that curtain of lies, lurk a soul steeped in treachery, one that has sunk to the level of beasts.
Things can be great if leaders removed the “for sale” tag on their integrity. Everything that has a price also has a “use-by” date. But we being bitter won’t cure their afflictions. If they gain by our suffering, that is a venomous vice they are nurturing. God alone will judge.
I have learned over time not to fight with monsters because those who do turn into monsters themselves. Instead of dwelling on the short comings of our government, uncertainties of the future, betrayal of our friends, lies of our enemies and the confusions etched in ignorance, my hope is that; we live by this simple creed: forgive the enemy’s deeds, remember his name, trust in God, defend the meek in spirit, be happy and walk the talk.
Just five days ago, the world sang “ark the herald angel sing, glory to the new born king.” That new born whose birth set mankind free was a promise, 2000 years in the making. He is the testament of the God ‘walking his talk.” Multitudes died waiting to get a glimpse of him, yet the promise endured. A line in the Christmas carol goes “Late in time, behold him come”.
There are reasons for seasons. I am steadfast to the belief assured of the promise that God’s eternal love, manifested through the birth of Jesus, will despite hell or high water, no matter what the cost enable us to cross over.

Team Talita, life in the desert waiting for a lot longer drives us closer to God, not away. Revival is earned on bended knees, not received on a golden plate. When we conceived the cause for the Enga of the future, we vowed to write that chapter with our own blood, sweat and toil. We didn’t say we would give up on the way. That’s not the deal we made with the people. No one said it was going to be easy. He who chooses the journey also chooses its perils and the destiny. We will walk the talk as we always have.

So in keeping with our creed I wish to, on behalf of my family and Team Talita wish to convey our Christmas (belated) & New year greetings to everyone (friends, foes, critics, fans and fanatics, supporters, believers, pessimists, doubters and everyone in between). Going forward, it is wise to note that every action is a seed sowed in time. The consequences are varied and many, but justly earned. If we are poorer today, it is because of the choices we made in our past. If we are broke, that is the result of our poor decisions too. 

Those who are quietly suffering from torments of conscience, those who met Romans 6:23 (wish they were around), those who blame others or are regretting because their tactical heroics have not generated the pay-day they supposedly secured; I pray your conscience will set you free and serve you right.

To those hollow men who are afraid of the light, I hope God will renew their depleted wisdom levels so that they no longer hold the interest of the people to ransom. They seemingly are clogging up the systems turning them toxic. It is about time, nature gives their “retirement packages” So that, in private capacity they too can learn to walk their talk. As for Team Talita, walking the talk is our nature. I am the captain of a great team that believes that a cause is not worth fighting for, if it’s not worth dying for. We do not take NO for an answer and we just don’t quit and will not quit.

A team is a group of people with a common goal who invest their time, skill, resources, and know-how in the pursuit of that common goal. The leader of that team is only leader because he has the team’s trust. Together, Team Talita vowed many years ago that we will engineer the Enga of Tomorrow. We carry the hope of every Engan who desired change. We are not about to walk away from it. Our cause emanates from the Engan story; the story that Enga can be a place to be proud of. 

That people can live under an atmosphere of genuine peace, where everyone can try their skills and creativity at prosperity without the hawkish bullying from grey–haired cowards. That every Engans, should have a fair opportunity at being election candidates, public servants, business people and succeed whatever endeavor they pursue. We set the resolution for a revolution. We resolved that to change Enga will require time, effort and some nerve. You promised me your vote. In return, I promised to carry your hopes and dreams. That was the deal we made. You kept your promise. I will not disappoint you, I will not relent or slumber but I will walk my talk.

Ours is a journey that must reach its destiny. Victory and defeat are results. We look beyond results into the realm of possibility. We believe in what must happen. We seek to change the Engan story. The province hasn’t changed in 2 decades of consistent political leadership. If consistent leadership hasn’t changed the face of Enga, we do have a real problem on hand. Enga does need, new blood infusion and new leadership.

Come 2016, a billion kina will have filtered into the provincial coffers since 2012, yet we have a province that looks frozen in time. If infrastructure development has not come to Enga, it is not because of the pending court case, but because of those who write cheques on car bonnets and living room cubicles as if the green house was lost through a lottery. 

The sorry state of that office tells a story; that the province is run on political gimmicks, budgets diverted to quench political heat and not on consideration of developmental goals. We wake up every day hoping that our province could be better. Yet we go to sleep every evening with the same old story. I promised that we will re-write that story and I am not about to walk away from it. That story will be written in time.

In conclusion my team Talita; we are waiting for the Supreme Court to make a decision on our review. Please do not be given unto the lies which by now we are used to it for we know, justice is in the making.

Team Talita is driven by a vision and we will persevere. Though the road we're walking seem all uphill and rough, it is times like this that we must stick to the cause and persevere. Continuing a course of action without regard to discouragement, lies, opposition or previous failure is the hallmark of a team worth backing. No matter what, no matter when, no matter who no matter where…any team has a chance to sweep any stakes, they just need the right broom.

Team Talita has always been in the game and we are formidable because walk the talk. Christmas reminds us of God walking his talk. And New Year empowers us with the hope that today doesn’t have to be another yesterday without a tomorrow. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why they call it present.

May God’s grace & love give you (one and all, friend or foe) internal peace as we embrace 2016.
The Best is ahead of us, not behind. “Late in time, behold him come.”
God Bless Team Talita!

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