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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Discovering that death & taxes are the only certainties

JOE WASIA | Supported by the Bob Cleland Writing Fellowship @PNG Attitude

I began my education at age six in the remote Kwia primary school in the Wapenamanda district of Enga Province in 1993 and moved up the ladder until I found myself graduating from university early this year.A few weeks after graduation, I was offered a job in one of the construction companies here in Papua New Guinea.

I went to the site the day after the interview. As the company policy dictated, I had to follow the same procedures of employment as everyone else: safety inductions, medical checks and contract signing were done in the first three days.

Then, on 29 May, I started my official duties. That’s where a new chapter was opened and I started to experience the outside world.

I really enjoy working with the company despite a few challenges. Official duty starts at 5.30am and ends at 5.30pm every day. I had restless days knowing that I would be rewarded. And I was able to put into practice what I learned during my years of schooling.

After two weeks, a French colleague who was also working with us in the department asked me if I had received my salary. The common term used in PNG is pay; I hadn’t heard of salary.

In the evening, the manager gave me a medium-sized yellow envelope. On the outside it said, ‘Joe Wasia’. And on top it read SALARY in bold print.