Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Congradulations Governor for Enga Peter Ipatas


Congratulations Governor re-elect for Enga Hon Peter Ipatas for your victory..! You will continue the captain-ship through to the next five years. Ending this term of parliament will be 22 years in active politics.
Hon Governor Peter Ipatas

He is a senior and a great leader both at national and provincial level. The people Enga have spoken again for a fourth time. Thumps up Governor!

I also congratulate the most senior fellow from Wapenamanda Sandy Talita (ST) for winning such a great number of hearts from people from all over Enga Province. He came second, the runner-up in this national election. Thumps up for that Mr Talita. Almost half of the people of Enga have loved you. Remember, there is only one winner in any game.

We are with you our Governor Ipatas and the runner-up Sandy Talita and those others like Kenneth Korakali and the young and a rising star, Waim IR Elvis Thoke. You all proved to be great leaders winning thousands of hearts from all over this unique province. Your names that were pronounced in the 2012 General Election will go well in the blood capillaries of every Engan that have one through this special period of a term. You will be remembered for ever.

Well, this period is over now. What shall we do next? Can we fight? Can we battle out in court? Can we blame one another? Or what..? Let’s now work together for a better Enga. For years, people have labelled Enga as a last province in the country and they pose negative comments about it. They called it a trouble zone. They called it lawlessness. They called it aggressiveness. Many negative comments about this province.