Friday, November 16, 2018

By Crystal Nanang

Port Moresby is NOT Papua New Guinea. 😡😡😡

Current PNG GOVERNMENT under the Leadership of Peter O'Neill is covering up with the flashy Amazing APEC Preparations in Port Moresby, (AKA) YOGA City.

The REAL Papua New Guinea is out there as you move out and away from the Cruise ships and the APEC House in the YOGA City.

The Current PNG Government is ignoring the #SAD_REALITIES which the people are living with.

FAREWELL IN ORDER_ Knighted Hela man Clocks 25 years with Porgera JV

By Terry D Cappo

FAREWELL IN ORDER_ Knighted Hela man Clocks 25 years with Porgera JV

Sir Erick Marape, a name synonymous in the Entire Hela and Southern Highlands Provinces has clocked quarter of a century with PJV.

Today PJV branch in Hela farewells him after serving diligently with high commitment and dedication.

Erick Started as an Electoral Officer with Southern Highlands Provincial Government, under Andrew Andaija then Premier, after completing his Grade 10 at Tari St. Joseph's in 1974.

He left after serving for 5 years to join Mt. Kare Alluvial mining as a Community Relations Officer which saw him elected as Chairman of Task Force Committee responsible for peace mediation between Hela Brothers, Paila and Tari over the land ownership of Mt.Kare.

Tera Tandapu the Deputy Governor of Enga needs to step down now

To: The Enga Provincial Government
CC/; PPC Enga Chief Inspector Joseph Tondop
CC/; General Enga People
SUB: Hon. Tera Tandapu the Deputy Governor need to step down now

This notice to inform the general public and the Enga Provincial government that office of the deputy governor is in questionable stage where he needs immediate investigation on the current tribal fighting up at Laiagam between his clan and other neighboring clan in Liop Council ward. He was the former local councilor at Liop ward and later promoted to presidential seat in which he was the chief of Wayap Clans. He used to be one of the top servant leaders where he have so much evidential track records in quenching tribal fighting and used to be peace loving leader who promotes peace in the society and the district as well.