Sunday, August 30, 2015

Opposition Leader: People Told To Be Vigilant On National Issues

Opposition Leader, Hon Don Polye
By Yantin KIAK

PORT MORESBY: Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has called on the people to become more vigilant on issues affecting their livelihood as a result of unpopular decisions by the government.

Mr Polye made the call when commenting on PNG’s economic growth not trickling down to the family unit.

“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government should be listening to the cries of our people with love, care and concern to improve their livelihood.

Mr Polye is concerned that the affairs of the country is not managed well by the government yet people are silent about the way the country is being governed.

“Experiences of PNG are written on the wall and by now they are just enough for the government to learn lessons from to improve their living standards at the micro-economic level,” he said.

Polye has also urged them to petition their respective MPs in the coalition government to speak against the government for its self-serving decisions.

He said the government might take the silence of the people for granted yet they are wise to understand things.

“When we are in government, we will strive in our endeavors as a nation and people to improve our people’s living standard,” he said.



What Kind of Brus Is Fred Konga Smoking?

[One mistep after another now causes the story of the naked selfie to become a topic of common conversation and begin spilling over into the international media]


Most urban Papua New Guineans with access to newspapers or internet probably now know that Chairman of the PNG Border Development Authority (BDA), Fred Konga, is taking The National and its reporter to court for defamation for republishing the story of Fred Konga's naked selfie. None of the probable thousands who have e-mailed Konga's selfie photos or reposted on other facebook sites have been taken to court.

Fred Konga, Charman, Boarder Authority 

No one associated with the Facebook site Caught In the Act site has been summoned, despite that being one of the original entry points into the greater PNG social media. Only one lone internet poster who hardly ever writes and posts blog articles and sticks mostly to Facebook has been accused and summoned by Konga. Those other hundreds (if not more) internet users who have e-mailed and facebook posted his naked selfie everywhere have been ignored. Who is the unlikely person who has been charged in civil court by Mr Konga for defamation? 

It is Sonja Barry Ramoi, a well known social media personality. Why is she being targeted? It's probably because she's one of the few people who Konga can attach a real name to on the social media, and who has, in fact, posted about Mr Konga. Konga's job, plus the position Mrs. Ramoi's close friend, Belden Namah, has and the insight it gives him on what is really going on at the international border and how Mr Konga actually functions in his job, are undoubtedly all factors that cause Mr Konga to go specifically after Mrs Ramoi.

Oil Search laying off workers

Oil Search Ltd is laying off 300 employees mostly believed to be Papua New Guineans by Tuesday 1st September 2015.
Prime Minister Peter O'Neil

Reasons could be low oil prices but then what happened to my K3 Billion investment in Oil Search?
This is believed to be the first redundancy exercise. Two more are expected to follow.

Last Thursday, all the employees were given empty boxes to pack all their personal belongings at their office desks home. 
On Tuesday, about 300 of them will know their fate. Happy Oil digging!
If that goes ahead (and definitely it will), imagine the consequences...jobless, families suffer, loans, school fees, accommodation.