Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A simple ‘siki mangi’ aiming for Papua New Guinea’s prime minister post in 2017 elections


Aims and visions of a person are the most driving factors that elevate him/her to higher altitude in life. That is, when a person sets his visions and aims right and work towards it, it comes to pass. Here is one of those gentlemen with such a great vision to climb up to Papua New Guinea’s top chief executive officer post.
Mr Yamo Waaarh

A simple ‘siki mangi’ with one of the contractor companies in PNG LNG Project targets the PNG’s top executive post in the coming 2017 National Elections.
Mr Yamo Waaarh a 34 year old from Ialibu Pangia electorate in Southern Highlands Province said he is confident that he will win his open electorate with big margin beating Peter O’Neil, the sitting MP and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

 Peter O’Neil and Mr Waaarh hail from the same Pangia electorate and they are born Southern Highlanders. They are from neighbouring tribes sharing same land boundaries. He said he will make it to the top despite his current personal status and opposing perceptions that people may have in him.

Many readers to this site reading the article may wonder how this simple ‘siki mangi’ aiming at the country’s high executive post. But remember, it is the aims and visions with right character and attitude that can do multitude beyond human understanding.