Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A simple ‘siki mangi’ aiming for Papua New Guinea’s prime minister post in 2017 elections


Aims and visions of a person are the most driving factors that elevate him/her to higher altitude in life. That is, when a person sets his visions and aims right and work towards it, it comes to pass. Here is one of those gentlemen with such a great vision to climb up to Papua New Guinea’s top chief executive officer post.
Mr Yamo Waaarh

A simple ‘siki mangi’ with one of the contractor companies in PNG LNG Project targets the PNG’s top executive post in the coming 2017 National Elections.
Mr Yamo Waaarh a 34 year old from Ialibu Pangia electorate in Southern Highlands Province said he is confident that he will win his open electorate with big margin beating Peter O’Neil, the sitting MP and the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

 Peter O’Neil and Mr Waaarh hail from the same Pangia electorate and they are born Southern Highlanders. They are from neighbouring tribes sharing same land boundaries. He said he will make it to the top despite his current personal status and opposing perceptions that people may have in him.

Many readers to this site reading the article may wonder how this simple ‘siki mangi’ aiming at the country’s high executive post. But remember, it is the aims and visions with right character and attitude that can do multitude beyond human understanding.

Mr Waaarh started his campaign movement since the end of 2012 national elections almost 2 years ago. He said he is doing secret movements that many people won’t even understand. As rephrased here “Its PNG, you expect the unexpected where David can hunt down giant Goliath in the battle field”. It’s the aims and visions with right character and forecast that may give you the world’s greatest strength to do miracles beyond human knowledge.
He said after wining the Ialibu Pangia Open Electorate in 2017 he will be campaigning for prime minister’s seat. He said he will be the first MP to be declared winner just like Don Polye in Kandep’s Open electorate in 2007 and Peter O’Neil in 2012 under the preferential voting system. He was speaking with a boldness and courage that every peace of word that is jotted down in black and white here will come to pass.

The government of Papua New Guinea after 2017 elections and beyond will be comprised of country’s top vibrant leaders in the likes of Don Polye, Belden Namah, Sam Basil, Gary Jufa, Pawes Parkop and James Marape. Mr Waaarh said he will align with these great leaders to form his vibrant government that will take PNG out of Egypt and take them to he promise land of Canaan.
He said when he will run this country there will be more positive things coming out from the much talked PNG LNG project, Ok Tedi Mining and its Sustainable Development Program Company (PNGSDP), Lihir gold, Porgera gold, logging, agriculture & livestock etc..

The priority and the his government major agenda and forecast will be on the law and order issues, public services improvement and infrastructure developments like roads, schools, health services and bridges all around the country from east to west and north to south.

Finally, when the people of PNG have all these basic services he said he will introduce a policy where every Papua New Guinea citizen above the age of18 will be on national government payroll. And introduce free education just like Enga provincial government, free health services, subsidized air and sea transport etc.

He said if a small country rich in oil and gas like Brunei can put its entire citizen on payroll we can do too.

Come on PNG! What else do we need? We have all that we could need to turn the course of this great nation of only 7.5 million people. Under my leadership the people of this nation will rejoice. As the bible says when a righteous leads people rejoice. 

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