Northern Governor Gary Juffa (inserted) maintains that East New Britain people opposed any move to allow Nautilus Mining Ltd start its seabed mining project.
Governor Gary Jufa, MP

Responding to a statement by Pomio MP Paul Tiensten (inserted) who insisted that the government allow Nautilus to start its projects immediately, Juffa said he doubted if Tiensten had seen why numerous articles, research papers and people were opposing the project.

“The company is proposing a sinister project which will adversely affect the marine environment in PNG, a project which has not received positive reviews from experts in marine biology,” Juffa claimed. He said the people of East New Britain rejected the project. “We have to wonder why Tiensten is insisting (on the project going ahead). We are elected to represent our people’s wishes, not to ignore them,” Juffa said.

“There are other projects that are sustainable and pose less risk to the environment such as eco-tourism or agriculture. “Let us not join the corporate world which is so hell-bent on making profit that it ignores the warning signs of eco-failure and is rampantly marching ahead inconsiderate of the future, destroying the only home we have – earth,” he said.
Juffa warned that he would challenge in court any attempt by the company to re-enter PNG with the intention to mine the seabed.

The National, Thursday 07th February, 2013