Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Two Senior Detectives Involved in Prime Minister Peter O’Neil’s Arrest Warrant Terminated


Two veterans of the Police Force have been unceremoniously terminated in circumstances not isolated to the current cases pending in court relating to the Arrest Warrant against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
Chief Inspector Timothy Gitua and Assistant Commissioner of Police Thomas Eluh who are two of the officers at the forefront of the investigations against PM O’Neill had been terminated. These are two officers who have been serving the Royal Constabulary with distinction for many years.

“We believe that the two officers had been vindictively penalised by the Commissioner of Police and his deputy.” We have reason to believe that this decision, though not surprising, is not an isolated act but one that, in the whole scheme of things, is tailored

O’Neill Government Issues Travel Ban Against Fraud Squad Lawyers

PNGBLOGS (28.09.2015)

PNG Chief Migration Officer(CMO) Mataio Rabura has issued a travel ban against National Fraud & Anti-Corruption Directorate Australian based lawyers Greg Egan and Terence Lambert from travelling into PNG.

Mr. Rabura issued the directive on 8th September 2015 to all International Airlines and PNG Provincial Border Posts directing them not to uplift Egan or his junior Counsel Lambert to enter PNG. The notice stated in no circumstances are they permitted to allow Egan and Lambert into PNG and failure to comply with the instructions may result in a penalty fee imposed onthe airline.

Egan an Australian Lawyer has been practicing law in PNG since 1988 he is currently briefed out by Jema Lawyers to act for Director of National Fraud & Anti-corruption Directorate Mathew Damaru and his Deputy Timothy Gitua in a number of National and Supreme Court cases relating to the warrant of arrest against the Prime Minister. He also acts for Task Force Sweep Chairman Sam Koim challenging the Prime Minister’s NEC decision to disband the Anti-Corruption Agency back June 2014 which is listed for trial on 29th September 2015.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Supreme Court Rules Against Constitutional Amendments By O’Neill Government

By Brian Kramer
PNG NEWS, Facebook (6th Sept, 2015: 02: 45pm)

Full bench (5 Judges) of the Supreme Court chaired by the Chief Justice Salamo Injia has upheld former Ombudsman Commission Ila Geno and former Opposition Leader Belden Namah applications challenging the O’Neill Government’s amendments to Section 145 of Constitution relating to a motion of no confidence.

Section 145 of the Constitution provides Parliament the power to move a motion of no confidence to remove the Prime Minister; his entire Cabinet (Ministers) or any individual Government Minister. The provision or section sets out the strict procedure or criteria to invoke these powers; which includes the grace period to which a motion of no confidence is prohibited (restricted), notice period required and number of MP’s needed to endorse or sign the notice of motion before Parliament can consider it.

Before reporting the specific findings of the Supreme Court ruling I thought it appropriate to first provide some background context and history to help understand the issues behind the ruing.

A “motion” is a formal proposal or recommendation made during formal meetings. Any member may move (table) a motion during meetings. The purpose of moving a motion is to seek the majority approval of the other members to formally adopt or approve it.

Most motions may be moved verbally from the floor while important or special motions must be by formal notice. Before a motion can be considered or voted on it requires another member to second or endorse it. 

This practice is to ensure only genuine motions that have the support of the other members are considered. If a motion is moved by a member and without any other member to second it, it is struck down. Rules, practice and procedures of how meetings are conducted and motions moved are referred to as standing orders.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

K1.435Million for Pumakos Health Center through the Tax Credit Scheme (TSC) by Ok Tedi Mining.

K1.435 Million Cheque from OK Tedi (TSC) presented to Yambatani Tribe for the development and rehabilitation of the Pumakos Health Center in Tsak Valley, Wapenamanda District, Enga Province, PNG.

Saturday, March 8, 2104 marked a day of celebration as the people of Tsak Valley gathered to celebrate the funding of the Pumakos Health Center through the Tax Credit Scheme (TSC) by Ok Tedi Mining.

The funding through the (TSC) was secured by the Hon. Rimbink Pato MP for Wapenamanda Open Electorate with the support of leaders from Western Province and Hon. Solan Mirisim MP for Telofomin Open Electorate, Sandaun Province who attended the ceremony with the Wapenamanda MP.

Latest project developments undertaking in Wapenamanda District Enga Province

Extracts from the Facebook site: Wapenamanda District, Enga Province, PNG
Thanks to the Admin and the author

Former Wapenamanda MP Miki Kaeok spoke and assured his support towards Hon Rimbink Pato's quality leadership and the current development projects. He also assured the public of his support towards Hon Pato re-election in 2017

Wapenamanda District Administration Office funded by the Enga Provincial Government under Hon Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas in 2003

From left: Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas, PNG Four Square Church President Ps Timothy Tipitap, Local MP and Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon Rimbink Pato visiting Wapenamanda Foursquare Secondary School.

Understanding Government Process & Procedures

Extracts from the Facebook site: Wapenamanda District, Enga Province, PNG. Thanks to the Admin and the author

It is important as citizens that we understand some basic “standards of practice” in the operation of the Government of Papua New Guinea.
Hon Rimbink Pato, Wapenamanda MP
and Minister for Foreign Affairs
 Annually each District receives funding from the National Government which goes into the District Operating Account. The funds are received monthly or quarterly and deposited into the “operating accounts”. 

The deposits are routinely subject to National Department of Treasury cash-flow constraints. They are in two (2) categories. The District Service Improvement Plan (DSIP) receives annually K10 million and the District Service Grant (DSG) receives annually K500,000.

Minister Pato with Kay Start Managing
Director Mr Paul Kurai 
 In 2015 the National Government also distributed TIDE grants to every District in the amount of K5 million to assist in various key sectors for development. 

In Wapenamanda District the K5 million was allocated as follows: Gutnuis Lutheran Rural Hospital – Mambisanda K2 million and St. Paul’s Lutheran Secondary School – Pausa K3 million. 

These amounts will be spent to improve the condition of both the historic landmark institutions in Wapenamanda District.

The K10 million allocated to the District is annually budgeted for and is utilized in the construction of new buildings for schools and health centres, feeder

Friday, September 4, 2015

Sir Peter Ipatas to upgrade schools in Enga

Gr10 students from Porgera High School
Enga Governor Peter Ipatas has made an undertaking to upgrade the status of Porgera High School to a secondary school in 2017.

“We are looking at upgrading Porgera High School status to a secondary school in 2017. However, we would first like to see standard learning facilities are in place as quality education is our priority,” he said.

Sir Peter made the statement before a capacity crowd at Porgera High School yesterday who were there to witness the official opening of a double classroom and delivery of a new truck to the school.

He said by 2020 Enga should have all its existing high schools being converted to secondary schools as that was one of the visions of the education reforms.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

DWU Condolence Advice of the passing of Late Dr Paul Pasingan

Divine Word University loses another great man. Within 2 year period DWU loses the Vice President of the university Br Andrew Simpson (Aussie), Dr Fr Rebert Laka (Enga) and now Dr Paul Pasingan (Kevieng).