Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to Stop Digicel Advertising text messages

Danny J Kui
After hearing/reading numerous complains about unnecessary Advertising/Promotional Texts from Digicel, I am happy to tell you that there is a way to stop this....


Digicel implemented an opt-out solution in early September 2014. This was done after consultation with the regulator, NICTA (National Information & Communications Technology Authority).

A customer can send a free sms with the letters 'DND' to the code 16022.
Within 48 hours the customer will be put on a blacklist which means they will not get any sms messages/adverts from Digicel other than service messages (eg. network outages, responses to credit top ups).

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oppostition Leader Don Polye puts records straigh on projects in Papua New Guinea

Don Pomb Polye, MP, Opposition Leader
By Vincent Moses
PNG NEWS, Facebook, 16.12.2015

PORT MORESBY: Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye today (Tuesday) set the record straight on infrastructure developments in the country.

Mr Polye said the projects, which the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had been officiating at to mark their openings respectively across the country, were solely the work of the Somare-Polye government.

“So much have been said about the development projects countrywide during their openings in the public forums, including the mainstream media, but the fact on who was (were) responsible for all these remains misleading,” he said.

He said on record the upgrading of impact projects like the Jacksons International, Hoskins, Kagamuga, Gurney and Tokua airports among others was funded by the past government through the Asian Development Bank.

Polye added the past government was also funding the other major transport infrastructure developments, particularly the regional wharves and highways.

“The only projects the current government funded are in NCD alone under the pretext of international events,” clarified Mr Polye.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Male circumcision for AIDS prevention should be prioritized in PNG

JOE WASIA | Supported by the Bob Cleland Writing Fellowship
Re-posted from Keith Jacksons & Friends: PNG Attitude (19/10/2012)

LIKE MANY DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, Papua New Guinea is greatly susceptible to HIV/AIDS.

Research and studies have done by many countries but there is no cure identified for the deadly disease. Thousands of people are dying every year.

Daily newspapers, radio, television and social media report the deaths of so many people without specifying the disease. But no reports of deaths from AIDS appear in any media in PNG. But AIDS is a major cause of many deaths.

Preventive measures like using of condoms, avoiding exposure to blood, being faithful to one partner, and male circumcision are tools used in many countries.