Friday, January 4, 2019

Call for sacking of school principals in Enga Province after fall in the Gr10 and Gr12 National Examinations

By Tony Sulupin

In light of disappointing selection results produced by Gr 12 students in Enga's 6 secondary schools, aggressive actions must be taken against the principals who had displayed incompetency in executing duties.

Its a sole duty of principal in consultation with his/her 2x deputies to ensure adequate learning is taking place. The competency and consistency of teaching staff is assessed on regular basis so that students don't miss out anything they deserve for learning.

The principals may have failed in their duties that students were not provided with conducive study environment in terms of food rations, behavior control, learning materials and of course quality/experienced teachers.

A New Doctrine for Married Couples in Life In The Spirit Ministries in Papua New Guinea

By Jay Kita

A New Doctrine Dawn For Married Couples - "Reunion of Marriage" in Papua New Guinea. Introducing Mass Weeding for Married Couples who are members of Life in the Spirit Ministries in Port Moresby.

The act of "Reunion of Marriage" . Is it biblical by this phrase??? It needs critical analysis of the biblical truth.It is the indication of deviating from the pure salvation and redemption plan for man by the Creator The God Almighty. Therefore, be watchful of the Human Ideologies and Fantasies indoctrinated in the ministries and churches today lure Christians from churches.

Reply to commentary on the K10m DSIP for Wapenamanda for 2018

By Joe Lanao Wasia

Every individual is entitled to his or her own views and opinions per premiable of the constitution of Papua New Guinea. 

I thank Facebook as one of the social media platforms for providing the avenue for individuals with concerns as this to air without fear or intimidation. I think in the long run many public figers will be put under microscopic lens.

To the subject, we all know Hon Rimbink Pato was tied up in the organising of one of the very very important and an historical event, the APEC Summit 2018, last month as a Foreign Affairs Minister, hence he had no time to be with us in the district delivering projects as many of us have expected. He had even sleepless nights here and abroad. It was indeed a huge challenge and an experience gain for Mr Pato and the O'Niel Govt. I take my hat off to this government for a well organised APEC Summit 2018.