Tuesday, December 10, 2013

University of Papua New Guinea students abuse Prominent Lawyer on a Facebook row

Martin Namarong, Monday, November 14, 2011

Ms Tiffany Twivvey of Twivey Lawyers has been at the center of a row on Facebook. 
The row began after a debate was started on facebook over the private matter of former Political Power figures.

Here are some names Human Resource Managers of any respectable company should be weary off. Donald John, Marlon Abau and Elias Kepa - all males who claim to be students at the University of Papua New Guinea. They basically had zero debating skills and sought to threaten and abuse Ms Twivvey and others over their opposition to views held by these three amigos.

After piling on the abuses on another commentator, they shift to Ms Twivvey after her pleas for decency. Notice how the three of them start of the thread like heroes and towards the end reveal themselves to be the cowards that they truly are. 

Let’s hope the University of Papua New Guinea deals with them appropriately and recover it’s tarnished image. Ms Twivey will be referring the matter to the University Disciplinary Council.


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