Tuesday, January 5, 2016

PNG's Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru brands Opps Leader Don Polye as ‘chronic badmouthed’ leader

Commerce & Industry Minister Richard Maru
Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry and Yangoru Sausia MP Richard Maru has described Opposition Leader Don Polye’s comments against the LR group of companies as the act of a “desperate man’’ looking to win support for his intending candidate in Yang

He said it was a shame for Polye to ‘’badmouth’’ an investor that came into the country and completed agricultural projects which included the Koroba Agro industrial centre, 9-Mile farm and others.

Maru, in an exclusive interview with Loop PNG today, said the Opposition Leader had never delivered any agricultural projects in the country and for him to speak against such an agricultural investor was “absurd’’.

“If he has allegations against the investor, he should wait for the court proceedings to confirm whether they’re right or wrong in their dealings.

“It is irresponsible for him to brand an investor like that based on mere allegations, especially, an investor that has a good reputation in the country and is known globally,” he said.

He said that such branding would stop investors coming into the country.

“We don’t need comments like this from the irresponsible opposition leader.”

Maru branded Polye as the ‘chronic bad mouth’ who had nothing to show in terms of agriculture in his own district and should not be bothered about other districts.

He (Maru) was responding to Polye’s comments who queried whether an Israeli company engaged by a minister in his electorate was reputable.

Polye claimed that the company, the LR group of companies engaged by Maru was involved in the controversial generator deal at a cost of K144 million.

Polye, in a statement said: “When we are in government, we will ask these companies through laws to reimburse money made through such questionable deals. We will empower locally-owned SMEs.

“Our alternative government will also encourage strategic alliance between our local companies and international companies, which do have the capacity so that our people will no longer be spectators in their own land.”

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