Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Proud of our sons: In praise of Engan MPs

Re-posting an article by Joe Wasia on PNG ATTITUDE

I THANK THE HONOURABLE MEMBERS from Enga Province who have been contributing tirelessly to the development of their province and the country one way or the other.

They played major roles in mobilising and demobilising the national government during their term in the parliament. We are proud of our sons.

Keep up the shining leadership, honourable member for Kandep and senior minister in successive governments, Don Polye.

You made us proud when you fly high the Engan flag across the nation. I believe if we have a system like that of the USA where the president is voted for by the people, Don Polye would attract millions of people in favour.

Why do many people called “Action Governor” to the honourable governor of Enga, Peter Ipatas? You know what? He initiated so many projects in all districts in Enga before and after the amendment to Provincial and Local Level Government Act.

He is also known for the popular “school fee subsidy policy” and “quality education” for all Engans students in PNG and abroad.

His government has signed a memorandum of understanding with Airlines PNG for four young Engans to go through pilot training in Australia every 18 months.

He also formed the Ipatas Foundation Inc and transferred K80m worth of assets from the Enga Children’s Fund in 2011. This will finance the students from Enga even after the giant Porgera mine is exhausted. Keep it up, Action Governor.

I salute the Opposition leader and the MP for Wabag, Sam Abal, the son of the first opposition leader, Sir Tei Abal, when Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare formed the first government after declaring PNG as aniIndependent state. Many people admire Sam Abal’s leadership.

I thank Mr Abal for initiating a poultry project which will benefit thousands of people from the electorate, Wabag town sealing, construction of the Wabag town market and linking Malamuni constituency to the rest of Wabag and Enga - a great initiative by a great leader.

Keep up the humble and shining leadership, Mr Abal. I could say you are also an “action man”.
I also thank the honourable MP for Kagaip-Porgera, Philip Kikala. He has been so vocal in the parliament during his term and also been an action man. He funded many projects for his people in many rural areas of the electorate. He has funded a hydro power plant, wheat projects, health centers, schools, roads and many more.

The former deputy prime minister and the speaker of the national parliament, John Pundari, has wasted no time during his term in the parliament. He brought much infrastructure to his rural Kompiam-Ambum electorate.

Roads, schools, and health centres have been the priority areas. One thing I dislike is that he has been too silent throughout his term. Mr Pundari please re-generate the colourful voice if you are be re-elected to parliament at this election.

Enga has six elected members of parliament including the provincial governor. While five MPs from the province have been key players in the national political arena and in their respective electorates, Wapenamanda MP Miki Kaeok has been too silent throughout the last ten years.

Where are the annual K10m District Improvement Support Program grants going? Frankly, there is nothing in the district to show that. I hope he will explain to the people of Wapenamanda during the campaign.

Thank you honourable MPs for representing us in the House of Parliament. The election is around the corner when the people will judge your actions and leadership in a free and fair elections.

No intimidation or bribery is allowed. If you are re-elected we believe you will continue to display the shining colours. If you lose please accept it and give the new leaders a chance to serve the people.

Joe Wasia is a former President of the Enga Students Association at Divine Word University

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