Friday, October 30, 2015

The Papua New Guinea Justice Minister Ano Pala is currently in the Boroko Police Station Cell undergoing cell procedures.

Ano Pala, Boroko Police Cell
By Julianna WAEDA
LOOPPNG (30.10.2015)

Amid the three charges laid against the Minister for Justice and Attorney General Ano Pala today, he appeared calm and even took time to smile confidently at the PNG Loop cameras.

The Minister was accompanied by only an office staffer and a legal representative when he went into the Fraud and Anti Corruption office.

When our reporter took the picture the Minister smiled calmly and paused, to allow for the picture to be taken.

During the more than two hours that he was attained for questioning, from 10 am till nearly 1pm this afternoon, the Fraud squad car park was filled with the Minister’s concerned staff and supporters.

At about 1pm he was moved to the Boroko police station to undergo cell procedures where he was detained for less than an hour and then escorted to the Waigani District court.

There,he and his team will apply for bail for the Minister.

Even emerging from the Boroko cells the Minister appeared calm and smiled to the cell guards as he was escorted out to his vehicle which was waiting at the back of the station.

The Minister is now at the Waigani court house.
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