Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Silver Jubilee for Mapai Transport a Papua New Guinea leading trucking company

By Ezekiel PETER
ENGA LUTHERAN COMMUNITY (Facebook) 23/04/2015

After 25 years in his humble beginnings Jacob Luke from Monokam village, Ambum, Enga Province, started the Mapai Transport. On the 10th of July 2015 Mapai will celebrate 25 years in business
and surpassed 100 prime movers and anothe
r 200 assorted vehicles in her operations throughout the country. With the recent acquisition of East-West Transport it now arrives on the forefront of the trucking business and sees they have over met the demands on the market in PNG.

Son of a Lutheran pastor Jacob maintains a close and knitted relationship with the two Lutheran churches in PNG. His support to other individuals and groups in PNG is enormous. The ongoing giving of K7.5 million to the Monokam Community Development Project speaks aloud of a successful business started by Jacob out of nothing, having terminated from grade 8 at High School. His story and how he started Mapai with the help of American Lutheran missionaries in Enga will be unveiled in July this year at the time of the 25 anniversary launching in Lae.

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